What’s Bugging You?

It’s that time of year again.

Produce is in abundance and there is nothing that says summer like a bowl of fresh fruit or veggies sitting out on the kitchen counter.


All those fruits and veggies (as they ripen) are drawing in the gnats! Suddenly they appear and you realize that there’s not just one but also a whole swarm of them invading your kitchen.

Or…you bring in a new potted plant with questionable soil and suddenly ALL of your plants are infested with gnats!

There are several different types of gnats. I’m including a link to help you determine what type you might have in your home.


For now I’m going to provide a tried and true way of eliminating gnats that’s worked for me.

You’ll need small containers, plastic wrap, rubber band, apple cider vinegar and liquid dish soap. Some will tell you to mix sugar in this but I’ve eradicated swarms of gnats (food AND plant) in a very timely fashion with the above concoction minus any sugar.

Pour 3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into your small container, add 2 to 3 drops of dish soap with vinegar and mix with your finger, cover with a small piece of saran wrap and secure with a rubber band. Poke holes in the saran wrap with a bamboo skewer or toothpick and place in/near infested area.

Within a short period of time you’ll start seeing gnats in your bowls. I empty and refresh this every couple of days depending on the number of gnats that I catch.

You certainly can buy the cute little ‘gnat traps’ if you don’t have decorative containers to use.

I know that Plow the Earth has glass gnat traps for around $16.95 plus shipping that is very attractive. But…for that money I can buy enough supplies for my homemade concoction to treat our house for gnats all summer long!

Prevention is key:

Routinely check any fruits and veggies that you keep outside of the fridge and throw away any rotting pieces.

If you buy potting soil for indoor plants try to buy quality. If you buy potted plants from a chain store keep in mind that you could potentially be bringing infested soil into your home.

If you notice gnats around drains in your bathrooms or kitchen my remedy of choice is to pour boiling water down the drains twice a day until I no longer see gnats. You can also use bleach but…be careful of the finish on your sink or drain. Bleach is corrosive to many different surfaces!!!!!

I recommend keeping your traps active all summer long – as a precaution against infestation.

Hope this helps!

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