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Hello! My name is Carol –


I’ve been helping my clients find successful solutions to their cleaning and organizing needs for over 10 years. 


I began by offering my talents and services to those who could not afford help when they most needed it.  Single mothers and the elderly were my first ‘customers.’  That’s when I realized what a difference it made for people to come home to a clean house or a surprise visit from their neighborhood ‘yard- care fairy.’ 


Now I clean and organize for a living and love to help people feel good about their homes.


Within this website you’ll find my interests extend to ‘projects’ that I do in my free time.  Whether creating memento shadow boxes for family, refinishing / recovering furniture, salvaging plants, organizing / arranging photo albums or etching on glass it provides relief for my artistic side !






About Carol... 

I list my business as Miscellany Etc. because you may not know what other needs might come up - including pet sitting, plant care (indoor and outdoor), maintenance access, out-of-town vacation care, move ins, move outs, downsizing and so on.


Miscellany Etc. LLC

Licensed and Insured

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