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Thanks again for your friendship in addition to all your hard work !             Kathy


Thank you for all your help, advice and being (there for me) all these years!             Laura


Thank you...  (you have been) greatly appreciated!                                                       P.


Thank you so much for taking on my house and me, I appreciate all your hard work.    Patty


Carol has been an absolute godsend !                                                                                          Cheryl


Thanks for all your hard work and your cheerfulness........................           Kathy

Thank you Carol, you are so special to help us out!                                 Mary  H.


We went there last week on Thursday and the house looked so nice! Thanks !  Mary Ellen

Great job today.. everything looks so good... it has the "Carol" touch!!!       Kathleen

Everything (at our home) is sparkling, just like you. Thank you so much.  Mary and Ozzie

Thank you so much for cleaning our cottage !  You always take so much care and do a wonderful job,  we so appreciate your helping us at the cottage .                                                                            Deb D.


I could not get my home to look like this if I spent all day cleaning!!  And I would have to spend next two days resting.  Thank you!                   M


M and O told me how wonderful you are and they were so happy with everything you did for them.                                                                                                        D.


Wherever you are today, I want to thank you for my nice clean home. I'm enjoying it!                                                                                                        Marcia


Thank you for your help! We appreciated your flexibility with our clean up dates.                                                          Melissa

Thanks for your hard work in 2019 !                                                                    Carole

Thank you for the advice and life organization you bring to us !                                                         Lisa


Thank you for making time for us on such short notice, It was a tremendous help !  C. T.

(Transition/move-out) Thanks again,... I appreciate your care and dignity in dealing with my parents possessions.                                                                           Terry

(Organizing and staging) OMG - what house is this -lol. Wow that is amazing !                  Debbie

Super job today !                                                                             Shannon

​Carol, the cottage looks amazing!  I don't think it's looked this good in years (decades). Thank you for your careful attention. We got in late tonight, but can go to bed with the peace of mind that we don't have chores to do first thing in the morning.       Eric


Thank you so much for cleaning our cottage! My husband was there this weekend and said our home looked great ! We really appreciate your time, flexibility, and attention to detail.   Deb


Thank you, Carol. It feels so good to sit down tonight and both feel and know I have a clean house!! I appreciate you so much!!                                                     Laura P       


"My home is (now)lovely and clean ! Thank you,I appreciate you."                 Marcia

"Great work - as always !"                                                                                                   Laura


"Great job. The place was spotless !"                                                                                   David

"Carol, you make cleaning FUN !"                                                                                      Karen


"Carol was a wonderful companion to me and my brother who was dealing with Alzheimer's disease for 5 years. She did our shopping as well as house cleanup and other time saving chores for me.  Without her assistance I would have had a much more difficult job as caregiver to my brother. Thank you Carol!"                                                                                 Jim


The house is lovely--I so appreciate you and the care you take with my house. It means more than I can tell you.                                                                                                       Rev. Lou


Thank you for the creative idea on the ivy !  The concrete angel is my mom's, so it reminds me.of her.  I know she would be tickled if she saw this.      Click here to go to "topiary" in my Blog    Stacey


It was absolutely LOVELY to come home to such a clean home!  I always revel in the days immediately after you're here and am in love with my house again ! Thank you for all you do !                                                                                                                                   Lou

You have done an amazing job ! You provide services that can be structured to work within anyone's household budget. Your website is incredibly "user friendly," your message is straightforward and to the point. With your work ethic and the innate skills that you bring, there is no doubt that you and Miscellany, Etc. will be remarkably sucessful.       Dick and Barb                                                               


 Very professional.  Love the transformation of the dining room, fabulous.                Lisa



I can truly see the passion you have to share your gift of organization and to simplify other's lives and surroundings.  You have such a keen sense of style and an innate ability to do things in the most cost efficient and practical way. What can I say....I am still enjoying the way you so efficiently organized the "family treasures" in my antique corner cabinet, so much so, I took pictures of it when I moved so that I could put it back the same way.  I still smile when I look at it!                              Stacey


I especially loved the rooms that you redecorated, &/or organized. WOW! 

The repurpose of lace was so timely (in your Blog).                   I looked at a lace tablecloth, with tears, that I threw over a white brocade wing back chair that I picked up for $5. I threw it over the chair before the holidays. YESTERDAY, I looked at it and thought, don't want to throw away but what to do. I have pieces family pieces and dollies, so now....                          Linda


I have worked with Carol many times, especially house sitting and caring for my dogs. Knowing she is taking care of my pets and home while vacationing makes it all the more relaxing. Carol is that someone you want to have as a neighbor, friend, and do it all lady.                                                            Charlene

Carol has worked for me for four years and does an excellent job. Her prices are very fair and she is very flexible!                                                                                                       Kathi

It's so nice to come home to a clean house w happy pets!  Thanks!                                                        Carole


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